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Creating A Research Paper In The APA Format Step By Step

If you are creating a research paper in the APA format, follow the step by step instructions below:

  • With academic writing you want to bring together all of your components in such a way that the claim you are making is best supported. Almost every type of writing assignment needs to have an introduction to the argument, it needs to analyze data, it needs to raise counter arguments, and it needs to properly conclude. In any assignment you might be facing the introductory paragraph and the concluding paragraph have a fixed position Apple the beginning and the end of your final content but the remainder of the body paragraphs do not have a fixed position which means that you can place certain information with in an existing paragraph or you can make them a freestanding section at either the beginning or the end of your content. Background information such as summaries of relevant theories, historical context, or definitions for key terms will typically appear at the start of a writing assignment in between your first analytical component and your introduction but you can also place it anywhere else near the beginning if you find that it is more relevant in this position.
  • It might be helpful to review the different sections of your writing assignment in terms of answering different questions that your reader is going to ask.
  • The first question your reader is going to first ask you is "what". Since this is the first question that your reader is going to ask you want to make sure that you answer it at the very beginning and that you demonstrate what claim you're going to make and what evidence you're going to present.
  • The next question your readers going to ask is "how". Readers going to want to know how your thesis stands up to counter arguments or how your view of evidence or your sources will either support your claim or not support your claim.
  • The next question your readers going to ask is "why". Your reader will want to know why your interpretation matters to them or why your claim is important. This is really where you address the larger implications that your thesis might have. It is also where you allow your reader to truly grasp how your content fits within the larger context.

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