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Easy Hints for Beginners: Choosing Argumentative Research Paper Topics 

Writing an argumentative research paper turns out to be a real challenge sometimes. If you want to cope with this task on the highest level, be sure to pick a good topic for discussion. The following hints might help you choose an interesting and strong argumentative research paper topic:

  1. Gather potential topic ideas.
  2. Brainstorm, listen to the radio, look through newspapers, watch the news on TV, and talk to your friends to find out what current themes are popular and widely discussed these days. Write down your ideas.

  3. Select a theme.
  4. Take care that a topic idea of your choice:

    • Affects you and other people;
    • Is controversial;
    • Can be argued from different viewpoints;
    • Is not too hackneyed;
    • Is of current importance.
  5. Narrow down your topic.
  6. Pay attention to a specific aspect of the issue that is to be discussed. Make it definite and clear; thus, it will be easier to relate your points and find examples.

  7. Seek sources.
  8. Check whether you have chosen the right topic. Conduct a research to find out if this issue had been studied before. It is undesirable that the topic be completely new and untouched, because you’ll have problems with citing sources.

  9. Before you agree on the final version of your topic, check if there are enough points to support your position. If you cannot come up with enough evidence, it’s better to choose a different subject for argument.

Here is a list of topics that might be interesting for discussion in your research paper:

  • Should teachers be given grades by their students?
  • Should students be provided with monetary rewards for good test results?
  • Can online learning substitute traditional in-class learning?
  • Can online reviews be trusted?
  • Do parents expect too much from their children?
  • Is there anything that young people can teach their grandparents?
  • Would you agree to replace all your printed books with their electronic versions?
  • What is more important: your private life or the security of the country?
  • Do parents expect their sons to achieve different goals in life compared to the daughters?
  • How can war be justified in the eyes of ordinary people?
  • Do you believe that your government does everything right?
  • How is one’s childhood affected by modern culture?
  • Can dating be considered as an old-fashioned waste of time?
  • Do you believe in the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations?
  • How important is it not to mix religions within one family?
  • If you were given an unlimited budget, what scientific or medical problem would you investigate?

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