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Where To Find The Best Example Of Chicago Style Research Paper

A Chicago style research paper is one that has been written, cited, and then documented with accordance to the Chicago Manual of style. The manual includes detailed guidelines on how to write, cite and format text.

Chicago style research paper is very different from the other academic writing styles (MLA and APA). As a student, you should take note of the writing style you are supposed to use in your research paper. One can never mix or incorporate elements of one style to the other. If you are required to use Chicago style of writing ensure that you strictly follow the Chicago rules to the later.

The most important subject a student should constantly remember about the Chicago style is citing and referencing. There are two ways of documenting sources while using the Chicago style of writing;

  1. Using parenthetical notes: you can document sources at the end of the sentences using parenthetical notes (for example)
  2. List sources in footnotes at the bottom of a page.

Most often the instructor will communicate the preferable method to you, ensure you follow that.

Generally, a Chicago research paper doesn’t require a title page, but some instructors may advice their students to include it. The title of your report can be written on the first page where your text starts. The title will include; the authors’ names, the course and the instructor’s names, and obviously date of submission.

Chicago style demands that you double space, and page numbering should begin on the first page of text. A bibliography is also required even if all information that will be put in the bibliography has already been cited in the footnotes. The bibliography should be arranged in an alphabetical manner and each subsequent lines of the citation are indented.

In simple terms the Chicago style of writing is quite useful for presenting sources in ways that other writing styles like MLA and APA cannot. The Chicago style will present more than just the author’s name and date of publication as footnotes to the text.

There are many rules to be followed when it comes to Chicago style of writing I cannot be able to list and explain all of them, I have been able to just mention a few important things to note. As a keen student, you should always refer to the manual readily available for anyone. For more information on Chicago style research paper look closer to this site.


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