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Great Ideas From a Professional Writer: How to Find New Term Paper Topics

After years in school, it can seem like every term paper topic has been used up completely. If you are stuck on finding a topic or just need a new idea, here are some great ideas for a term paper. Use these different tips to get your research going and start writing.

Brainstorm Topics

If you are at a complete loss for a topic, you should pull out a piece of paper and sit down. In the next five minutes, write down every good or bad topic that you can think of. After the five minutes are up, read through your list until a specific topic idea clicks in your mind.

Read the Bookstores

When brainstorming fails, you can always try using your textbook. Pull out one of your class books or textbooks and begin to read through the recent material. As you read, highlight different subjects that you found particularly interesting. These subjects can be used later to create a term paper.

Pull Out the Encyclopedia

Reference resources can be used for more than just definitions. The encyclopedia in the library can actually be used for term paper ideas. In the encyclopedia, you will find that most topics list several related readings or sources at the end of the entry. You can use the related readings to figure out a topic that works best for you.

Hit the Library

Once you have done the previous three steps, you should have a clearer idea about the type of topic that you want to use. At this point, you are ready to spend a few hours in your school library. With the list of resources from your encyclopedia, you can start to find books about the general subject that you are interested in. Start to skim through these books and take notes on any keywords or information that you find interesting. Even minor facts or details could later give you an idea of a thesis for your term paper.

Create a Research Question

After you have left the library, you should organize all of the notes that you have about your term paper. These notes contain all of the information that you need to create a thesis. The evidence should be sufficient for backing up a specific argument or idea. If the research is not enough to write your term paper, you can always return to the library and hit the books for longer. Although your topic and thesis may be decided, you should keep in mind that your thesis could change as the paper progresses. Once you have learned more about the topic, you may need to refine your approach or narrow your focus.


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