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4 Ways to Find a Well-Written Research Paper Citation Page Example

When you’re writing a research paper as a secondary school or university assignment, you’ll draw on a variety of resources, including books, journal articles, periodicals, and other publications that provide you with the information that you need. One of the most important parts of writing a research paper is your citation page. This lists all of the sources you used to gather the information that you used to write the paper, allowing readers to both pursue further reading on the subject, and to verify that your information is correct.

Citation pages for research papers require you to follow very specific formatting guidelines that tell you exactly how to provide all of the relevant information about a source that you used. The two main styles of citation that are used are the MLA format and the APA format. MLA, developed by the Modern Language Association, is favored for papers in the humanities like literature, history, and cultural studies. APA, designed by the American Psychological Association, is designed to accommodate the styles and methodologies used in both the social sciences, like cultural anthropology and psychology, and the natural sciences, like physics and chemistry.

You can easily find the requirements online for how to cite your sources, whether you’re using APA format or MLA format. However, it can still be confusing when you’re putting together your bibliography, references, or works cited page for your research paper. Here are four of the best ways to look for well-written examples of citation pages, to help you get a better idea of what yours is supposed to look like.

  1. University websites. University websites are some of the best resources available for finding out everything you need to know about how to correctly format your citations for your paper. Research is a huge part of university academics, both for undergraduate and graduate students, and for professors who work there. Many institutions provide guidelines for students, and anyone else, to look at, which can often contain examples of what a properly formatted citation page should look like.
  2. Academic journal articles. In any peer-reviewed academic journal, each article will have a citation page at the end. Although these professional papers are often longer and more extensive than what you would be writing for a class assignment, it’s still a good way to get an idea of what a citation page looks like. Most articles within the natural sciences will use APA, and humanities journals will use MLA.
  3. Ask your teacher for an example from a previous class. If your teacher or professor keeps work from prior students, they may have a sample of a citation page from an A paper.
  4. Ask your friends, especially upperclassmen, if they kept any of their own papers and citation pages. This is especially useful if their paper received an A, and their citation page was free of errors.

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