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15 Fresh Ideas For A Research Paper For College

You will be asked to write a research paper for just about every class that you take in college. It is a great way to assess how much you understand about a topic and teaches you the best ways to express yourself. A research paper is different from an essay in that you will have to conduct some extensive research on your topic. Many students will find that they struggle with determining what they want to write about. This can be a daunting task because you can’t just write about anything. You have to choose a topic that is relevant to the course and interesting to you. You want to choose a relevant topic because it may not count if you don’t and you want to choose an interesting topic because if you don’t then you will make the research unbearable.

Here are some topic ideas that are fresh and will likely be interesting. All you have to do is find one that is relevant to the course that you are studying. If you are writing it for English class, then you don’t have to worry so much about the relevance because the idea is just to assess your writing abilities.

  1. Does capital punishment really deter crime?
  2. Does the court system need to be revised?
  3. Should women get paid the same amount as men in jobs that require physical strength?
  4. Are standardized tests a true test of a student’s ability?
  5. Are social media sites making us less sociable?
  6. Should same sex marriages be legal?
  7. How does better employee treatment lead to better productivity?
  8. Should there be more things done to prevent excessive drug use?
  9. How does addiction effect the families of the addicted?
  10. How does political views shape our society?
  11. Should there be better regulations on stem cell research?
  12. Is there a separation between church and state?
  13. Is it right to say the “Pledge of Allegiance” in school since it says “under God”?
  14. How can companies form better teams to be more productive?
  15. Is the gap between the upper and lower class growing at an alarming rate?

Once you have chosen a topic to write about, the next step is to decide what your thesis will be. It should answer your research question and also include at least three supporting reasons why.


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