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Getting Some Expert Assistance- A List Of Criminal Justice Term Paper Topics

Coming up with a topic for your term paper can sometimes be the hardest part of the assignment. Once you get started, it seems to come a lot easier. Knowing what topic will be sufficient enough to be acceptable is not easy for everyone. This list of topics will help you get brainstorming your own topics. The best part is that if you are still stuck than you can write your paper on one of these topics.

  1. How does crime affect society as a whole?
  2. How does a family member being incarcerated affect the family?
  3. Can criminal be rehabilitated or will they continue to commit crimes?
  4. Can some punishments that are inflicted on inmates be considered unjust?
  5. What are some unjust laws in other countries?
  6. Are young offenders better off in juvenile court or does it make it easier for them to get convicted?
  7. Do inmates benefit from work release programs?
  8. Are the current rules and regulations effective in the prison system?
  9. Should prison visiting rooms be better supervised to prevent drugs from getting into the jail?
  10. Is racial profiling ethical?
  11. Is it moral to lock up patients with mental deficiencies?
  12. Should polygraph tests be admissible in court because they are not one hundred percent accurate?
  13. Should there be harsher punishments for people who commits crime under duress?
  14. Should inmates be supervised better to prevent inmate violence?
  15. Is violence a hereditary trait?

These are a few topics that should get you thinking about what you have learned through the semester. If you are still stuck on a topic, there are a few places that you can look to get additional ideas. The first place is your text book. Look through the table of contents to see if this sparks any ideas. You may also find other ideas online. There are plenty of sites that offer good ideas for your paper if these don’t work for you. If you are still struggling, check out the newspaper for information on current events. It could help you come up with a topic.

Once you get this step out of the way, you will find that the process goes a little faster. It is really hard to worry about what you are going to write about. Once you have an idea, the research can get under way and the paper starts to blossom.


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