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10 Great Economic Term Paper Topic Ideas You Probably Wouldn't Think Of

If you are trying to come up with ideas on your term paper topics make sure that you check out these 10 great economic term paper ideas that can help you:

  1. Think about writing a contrast between how our economy is faring under Fed Chair Janet Yellen versus that of Alan Greenspan. As you write about this, factor in what has happened with quantitative easing over time and whether or not it has helped us, sustained us, or harmed us.
  2. Write about the upcoming election next February, and whether or not this is going to be something that will benefit the poor or hurt us if we switch to a Republican candidate.
  3. Another great idea if you're looking for research, is to contrast where the economy is now vs that of China. As our structures are very similar, you may find that if they're going through some struggles now, is that something that's going to affect us as well.
  4. You could also choose to write about the new edition of Alibaba as a U.S. company that has a new IPO. Can this hurt our economy further because they are now taking strategic measures to implement themselves in, our US market?
  5. You could write about outsourcing and whether or not because we outsource overseas, as it helps other economies, has it damaged our US economy more?
  6. How about writing about the economic divide? As there is a waning middle class, how does this affect us in the future?
  7. Another subject that may help you is to focus on how divided our levels of income are. For example, there are some people who live on pennies a day, vs billionaires who who have consumed the majority of the world's wealth and basically sit on it letting their money grow.
  8. You could also look at the housing crisis and whether or not it's something that has gotten better over the years since the 2008 debacle.
  9. What about a piece on companies that scale themselves globally? Are the really hurting the U.S. when they send jobs overseas?
  10. And lastly you can write about whether or not you think companies like JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley that scale themselves globally, have strong financial backings and positions of authority in the White House are too influential and benefit too much from their own political agendas.

No matter which you choose, by structuring your outline and filling it with informative facts, you’re sure to come up with a great article that’s informative and focused.


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