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A List of Winning Research Paper Ideas for Your English Class

You will have to write tons of papers for your English class over the years. At some point, it will definitely become difficult to come up with new interesting topics. If you find yourself in a rut, study the following list. These prompts should give you some inspiration.

  1. How did the English language come to be?
  2. Look into the history of the English language and tell the readers a story of its creation and evolution. Explain the origin of some of the more unusual words.

  3. Viking raids and the English language.
  4. Analyze old English dialects and determine how much they were influenced by the Scandinavian languages that were spoken by the Vikings who frequently attacked the shores of Britain. Analyze the differences in local dialects depending on their proximity to the shore.

  5. The rise of the London dialect.
  6. Explain how and why the dialect of London became acknowledged as standard English language during the times of the Industrial Revolution.

  7. English in the colonies.
  8. Study the development of English dialects in the former colonies and analyze all the changes that occurred due to various cultural differences.

  9. English and feminism.
  10. Many feminists today claim that the English language itself is sexist to a degree. Determine whether this is indeed true. Try to explain why so many of the words in our language have “male” roots.

  11. Learning English as the second language.
  12. What challenges do the students who need to learn English as their second language face? Compare several stories and try to understand how the cultural differences between countries help or hinder the study process for these people.

    Can ESL students truly master the language?

  13. The influence of William Blake on English and American literature.
  14. Thousands of people are inspired by the works of William Blake even today, and numerous works of literature have been influenced by his genius in some way. Try to assess the extent of Blake’s influence. What would the modern literature be like without him?

  15. American literature of the North vs. the South.
  16. Analyze the literary works of the same time period and identify some common traits that allow to differentiate the authors of the North, from their colleagues of the South.

  17. Afro-American language and literature.
  18. Analyze the Afro-American English and explain some of its peculiarities.

  19. Irish authors in English literature.
  20. Study the works of some Irish authors and their input in the development of both the English language and literature.


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