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How To Ace In Writing An Abstract For A Term Paper

Writing a good abstract is becoming more and more important with the digital world evolving at a fast pace. People now read the news, watch TV, research, plan, buy, sell, and work on the internet. The availability of everything online is become a must because most of the people spend their entire working hours and even weekdays stick to their mobile devices or computers. The abstract of your paper does not only need to summarize the paper in an engaging way that can convince your reader to read the rest of the assignment but also make sure it is available. The abstract is supposed to sell your idea or the term paper to the reader so it needs be very marketable and engaging. You should have enough material in your abstract to persuade the reader to go ahead, get a physical copy of your paper, and take time out to read it

  • Components of an abstract
  • You will need the following components in an effective abstract even though it is going to be only a paragraph or two long. However, the efforts involved will be greater. If you have completed your term paper already then it will be relieving for you to write the abstract because you know the direction, theme, strengths, and weaknesses of your paper

  • The purpose
  • Why are you creating a certain paper and why do you need to address the problem you have in your term paper? This is the basic motivation you have for identifying the problem and explaining it to your audience

  • The problem
  • What is the problem that you are addressing in your paper? What does your paper attend to at a general level? In this section, stay careful of using any jargons or less common terminologies

  • Proposed research methodology
  • What is your proposed solution to this problem? How did you solve the issue with what data and methods? What are the research methodologies you adopted to collect your data and why they are the best and most effective methods?

  • The results
  • What was the answer to your search and experimentation? What did you find with your methodology?

  • The conclusion
  • How do you interpret these results from the experimentation and search to apply to your paper. You need to state how successful you were in addressing your problem to your readers in a precise way


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