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The Secret to Picking up Brilliant College Term Paper Topics for your History Class

History class can be sometimes one of the most boring classes you take in college; that is unless you’re majoring in something like natural history or something to that extent. The last thing you want though is for your term paper to be a snooze fest. History can be very exciting; you just have to know where to look.

Look for a topic that hasn’t been done before; that is truly the secret. You aren’t going to wow your professor writing a paper about the civil war or an aspect about General Lee’s historical part in history. You have to take it to the next level.

Brilliant History Topics

It is very hard to write about an event or era that other people haven’t already covered; but even so your unique take on that event maybe just what history needs. Not all historical events are created equally and not all are talked about regularly either.

  • In the early American republic what roles did women play?
  • By supporting the League of Nations could the U.S. have prevented World War 2?
  • What events led up to the Boston Massacre; could it have been avoided?
  • The Emperors of Old Hindustan
  • The Emergence Aryans
  • Feudalism and the Carolingians
  • Partition of India and Pakistan
  • Frankish Law and the Empire
  • Nepal: The end of Anarchy
  • The Indian Green Revolution
  • The Black Hawk and Seminole Wars; how did they impact history and was there any way to avoid these two wars?
  • Ancient Musical Instruments and Modes; how did modern music evolve from them?
  • Nationalism in the Ancient World and how it began.
  • The birth and origins of terrorism and how terrorism has evolved to what it is in the modern era.
  • How does the start of the information age effect history; are we losing important historical information?

History is literally everywhere; from old historical buildings to the events that shaped the world as we know it. It’s just a matter of finding what historical event or item that inspires you. Archaeologists are digging up new historical facts every day why not take what they know and expand up on it even. We are just sitting here connecting the puzzle; we’ll probably never complete it even. History shifts and rises like the tides of the ocean; and just like the ocean; is just as vast. It’s just a matter of finding something small and making it something big.


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