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15 US History Research Paper Topic Ideas To Explore

US History is rich with events, associations and political intrigue. It is quite simple actually to carve out research paper topics on the abundant resource. Here is a take on 15 such research topics –

  1. Evaluate the unsteady times between the imposition of Independence Charter and 1850 – The times between 1777 and 1850 were roughshod, wavering and quite unsteady. These are also the times that laid the foundation for modern USA.
  2. What were the initial roadblocks that occurred after abolition of slavery? – Needless to say, it led to much debate and angst. Proper research will put things into perspective.
  3. Shed light on the significance of the War of 1812 – This was the first major war after American Independence and obviously holds significance.
  4. Explain American role in steadying the world post the 2nd World War – America entered the 2nd World War late, but from then onwards, played an eminent role in its completion and eventual steadying of the ship.
  5. Address the situations leading to The Great Depression and its aftermath – This is ever a topic of different perspectives and new-found research.
  6. How important was the role of spies during the Cold War – The FBI and English spies played a crucial role during the Cold War; extracting Russian information with great valor.
  7. Assess reasons for American failure during the Vietnam War – It is interesting how a small country like Vietnam defeated American ambitions. A case for introspection!
  8. Evaluate the American War on Iraq in 1991 – This war was the first death knell on holders of oil from a superpower. The premise has undergone extensive research.
  9. Address the pivotal aspects of Industrial Revolution of 19th Century – This largely led to the creation of USA as it is today.
  10. The effects of continual clashes between Republican and Democratic ideologues – There have been Presidents of both ideologues. One supports war; the other doesn’t. A commentary!
  11. Assess the impact of immigrants on the systematization of USA – Every country gets affected by the collective mindset of immigrants over a period of time. USA is no exception.
  12. Compare USA before and after 9/11 – The mindset has changed; the alertness quotient has gone on an up; the way to read different nationalities has altered. The comparison would be an eye-opener.
  13. Go through the challenges of American democracy – Every democracy has its challenges; especially huge countries like US or India. This is an earnest subject for research.
  14. Explain why American came out of its Isolationist shell and what were the repercussions – America choose convenient time-frame to shift to Interventionism eradicating its old ideals. Find out why.
  15. Shed light on the wide powers utilized by Roosevelt in 1930s and 40s – The New Deal is an iconic declaration; so are most of Roosevelt’s steps.

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