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A List Of Great Argumentative Term Paper Topics To Explore

Here is a list of some of the greatest argumentative term paper topics you need to explore when preparing to write your term paper. The topics are varied and touch on different spheres of life.

  1. Adequate Research Funding Should be directed toward Exploring Male Pregnancy
  2. Couples in Civil Unions Should be Offered Same Treatment as Married Couples after Living together for at Least two Year
  3. Smokers are More Friendly and Kind than Non-Smokers
  4. All College Freshers Should Board to Understand College Life
  5. It is better to Skip Meals than Eat Junk Food
  6. Reasonable Bullying Should be encouraged for Students’ Self Development
  7. Office Dressing Code Boosts Employee Performance
  8. Lie Detectors should be used in Interviews
  9. Present Voting Systems encourage Voting Apathy
  10. Mono-Sex Schools Perform better than Mixed-Sex Schools
  11. Legal age should be reduced to Ten Years in Line with Modern Times
  12. The era of Newspapers is over
  13. Media Should be prohibited from Reporting Violent Crimes
  14. All Advertisements with Sexual Content Should be prohibited
  15. All Women of Child-bearing age should be prohibited from Working
  16. The World needs only One International Language
  17. All Wars Ever Fought are Justifiable
  18. Socialism has no place In Modern Times
  19. All Prisoners Should Have the Right to Vote
  20. Official Weekly Working Hours should be reduced to 30
  21. Sperm Donors should be allowed to Bond with the Children they bear
  22. Arranged Marriages should be banned
  23. Jargon Language should be Given Official Recognition
  24. College Class Hours should start from 10 am
  25. Excess Weight Fees Charged by Airlines should be banned
  26. College Students’ Lockers should be Searched Regularly
  27. Drivers found Driving while Texting should forfeit their vehicles to the Government
  28. Slavery Was Necessary for Development of Society
  29. Teaching of Handwriting is Unnecessary
  30. Academic Grades do not Measure a Student’s Intelligence and Capabilities
  31. All Diseases should be subjected to ‘Placebo Effect’ at their Initial Stage of Infection
  32. Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombings Can be justified
  33. All Artifacts in Museums around the World should be sent to Countries of Origin
  34. Humanity Needs More Male Nurses than Women Nurses
  35. Online Dating should be banned
  36. All Children should be legally bound to Care for their Parents Once they come of age
  37. Everyone has some Level of Extreme
  38. Music has no Place in Healing
  39. Early Marriages should be encouraged
  40. Parachuting Cures Depression and Stress

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