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10 outstanding Law Enforcement research paper topics

Law enforcement has all sorts of interesting topics to write about for research papers. When determining the best topic for you think about what you like and your interests. This is a great opportunity to show what you learn about a certain topic. You could present your expertise in a subject area others may find intriguing. To do this you need an outstanding topic you can write about with good data and overall presentation. Since there are so many ideas to choose from, here are 10 law enforcement topic ideas to inspire you to come up with something original.

  1. Rioting. Has racial profiling and police brutality encouraged more riots to occur during recent times?
  2. Racial discrimination. Why do people feel there is a form or racial injustice? How does this affect law enforcement and rules in place supposedly meant to help people get along with each other?
  3. Border patrol. How are people able to get illegal substances into other countries when crossing the border? Is enough being done to protect borders between Mexico and the United States?
  4. Is enough being done to provide community protection? What is ways law enforcement can encourage people to be proactive in their community?
  5. Would changes in gun legislation change the way law enforcement uses weapons? There are areas around the world that allow everyday citizens to purchase guns. Should more be done to protect citizens even though law enforcement uses the same weapons to protect themselves?
  6. What has changed to help officers get to the scene of a crime faster? What is an acceptable time for law enforcement officials to get on the scene of a crime or accident?
  7. What are common crimes committed by juveniles? Is there a trend in certain crimes being committed by youth on the increase? What are ways teens find themselves in trouble with the law that seem pointless?
  8. What is required in police training? How long does an officer go through training and what are they expected to know before patrolling the neighborhood? How does local law enforcement such as the police, work with other government agencies such as the FBI or Department of Justice?
  9. How does local law enforcement train for mass emergency situations? How do they know what to do during a bomb threat or a mass shooting?
  10. How are explosive devices detonated?

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