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5 Main Features Of The Term Paper Cover Page Format

Every term paper should be properly written and formatted, and one of the main features of the term paper format is its cover page. This is the first thing readers see when they take your paper, thus, it should be designed correctly, correspond with the set requirements, and provide all the necessary information.

The format of the research might differ from country to country, or from one institution to another, and will depend on accepted and adopted standards. Sometimes, for papers in MLA format, the cover paper is even not required. However, if you are going to compose a cover page for your work, you have to include the following information.

  1. The name of the institution.
  2. The cover page usually starts with the full name of the college or university the paper represents. The name is usually typed in the middle at the top of the sheet.

  3. The title of the paper.
  4. In the middle of the cover page, you should place the title of your research. It is an essential part of the work, so it is usually typed in a bigger font, and capitalized according to the rules of capitalizing titles. If your term paper contains a subtitle, you should also place it on the cover page under the main title.

  5. The name of the author.
  6. To sign your paper, you should indicate your first and last names. This information is usually provided after the title, in the middle or right bottom corner of the sheet.

  7. Supervisor’s name and the name of the course.
  8. The name of your scholarly supervisor and the course for which you are writing the paper is given after the name of the paper’s author. After the surname of your instructor, you should mention their degree, or an occupied position.

  9. The due date.
  10. At the very bottom of the sheet (in the middle or in the right corner, depending on the format), you should indicate the date of the paper’s submission. It is usually done in the form of a month and a year.

Cover pages might also include many other points. You might need to indicate the page number in the top right corner, or add the running head—an abridged title of the work that is repeated on each sheet (for APA style writings). To compose the paper correctly, you should always remember the correct number of spaces and proper margins.

The above-mentioned information should be useful for formatting your paper correctly, but do not forget to address the requirements and standards of your institution for more details.


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