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A List Of Great Suggestions For Persuasive Term Paper Topics

Writing a persuasive term paper is great practice for the future, when many of us will need to craft decisive and concessive texts in order to persuade others to go along with our ideas. However, because of the nature of this term paper, it can also be very difficult to think of a good idea that is both original and engaging.

Here are some great ideas that will help you write a wonderful, convincing essay that will impress your professors. They are of-the-moment, dealing with current events, politics, and social culture.

Top Ideas For Persuasive Essays

  • Explain why it’s a good or bad idea that homework is given to students. Suggestions include attention span of students, unhealthiness of working indoors and immobility in front of computers, exhaustion, etc.
  • How much should cigarette companies be regulated, if at all? Think of the unhealthiness of smoking and the effect of regulation on the economy.
  • What’s your stance on school uniforms? Compare uniforms in different countries and their effect on mentality.
  • How, if at all, should we punish bullying? What is the bully responsible for, legally? Should it be a crime punishable in courts or in school jurisdiction?
  • What is your stance on the drinking age? Explain why your opinion makes sense, giving historical and sociological data.
  • What are your thoughts on Universal Healthcare? Compare and contrast our country with other countries; this may give you more data with which to support your viewpoint.
  • Should religion and state be separate? Are they already fully separate? Make a careful analysis of the various ways in which we use religion before reaching your opinion, and compare our country with other more and less religious countries.
  • What are your views on recycling? Should it be more enforced than it is now? Should there be a fine if people don’t recycle? What would be the consequences of this?
  • Do you believe schools should start later? There have been some studies done that show that teenagers have a system that functions at a later time, but this is controversial. What is your opinion? Remember to use convincing facts to back it up.

This list of topics should give you a wonderful starting point as you think about drafting your essay. Remember that while you can write a persuasive essay about your opinion, it should feature lots of facts to make what you say stronger.


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