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Where To Find A Strong Sample Psychology Research Paper

If you're looking for a strong sample psychology research paper, congratulations, you are well on your way to writing your own "A" quality paper. Your professor or lecturer may have given you a list of topics and some writing guidelines, but nothing beats high quality examples to study and emulate. Notice the last word of the previous sentence: it's emulate not plagiarize. Professors have so many ways of checking for plagiarism that you want to make sure you use the papers you find as models, not something to copy and claim as your own.

Don't Forget the Obvious Sources

Finding good papers is not that difficult if you know where to look. Here are some sources that are readily available to you:

  • Upperclassmen and classmates
  • Your professor or a teaching assistant
  • Your school's tutoring center or writing lab

These sources are all especially good because you not only get a sample paper or two, but tips on how to be effective, efficient, and smart as you write your paper. So don't hesitate to approach any of these resources and say: "I've never written a psychology research paper before, do you have a sample paper that you would consider an "A" paper that I could learn from."

Search the Web and Look for Respected Sources

Lots of universities and professional associations like the American Psychology Association (APA) publish both samples and guidelines on the Internet. It's easy to find these kinds of resources, just put "sample psychology research papers" or better still, "sample APA psychology research papers," (for those whose paper has to be written in APA style) in the search engine of your choice and voila, your papers will be served up.

When searching for papers on the Internet your best bet is to choose papers from reputable sources like universities, publishers, and professional associations. Select from among titles like these:

  • Sample research paper : APA style - Bedford/St. Martin's
  • Purdue OWL: Writing in Psychology: APA Sample Paper
  • Sample Paper APA Style from the APstyle Organization

In addition to finding sample papers, you'll also find lots of helpful writing guides full of tips and suggestions to make writing your paper easier.

Search the Campus Library and Digital Libraries

A final place to look for papers is your campus library. Go to the research desk and ask one of the expert librarians there to help you find suitable sample research papers. They will be glad to help.

If you have access to your campus library or other library electronically, you can go through their card catalog and other search tools using the same search keywords as you used on the Internet. In addition, if you have access to digital library such as Scribd, you will find the same search keywords brings up many sample documents for you to look at. And just as above, look for the reputable sources.


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