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Fresh Research Paper Topics On Apple: Not Only Steve Jobs

People are used to thinking of Apple as Steve Jobs and of Steve Jobs as Apple. Yet, there are interesting facts, which show that the image of Apple can be expanded.

What’s a Good Topic for a Research Paper?

A good topic is very important for a profound and high-quality research paper. Being uninterested in the topic, you will hardly do a good investigation. At the same time, if you like the things that you explore, you will eagerly find new interesting facts to share with your readers.

Besides that, you need to remember that you are writing this paper not only to complete your teacher’s task. Your research can be stored with other papers in the library of your school or college, so, other students will be able to use it for their own projects. Keeping this in mind, you need to make your paper unique and outstanding. One of the factors that can make your paper stand out is a good topic that is not yet overly explored by other students.

How to Come Up with a Good Topic

Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to create a good topic on your own. In such a case, you should feel free to turn to numerous websites that provide lists of interesting and quite novel topics for such projects. In fact, if you are looking for unique suggestions related to the Apple company, you can easily find inspiration if you search for interesting facts about the activities of the company, it’s members, products, etc. Besides that, you can search for interesting facts among the works of other students that are already stored in libraries of colleges and universities.

  1. Did you know that Apple was founded by three experts? Briefly, speak about all of them.
  2. How Steve Wozniak decided to sell his calculator. What’s the story behind it?
  3. Why did Wozniak stop visiting his working place in the company many years ago, still, remaining its employee?
  4. Why was the first price for Apple-1 named “the number of the beast”?
  5. Explain the reasons why the Apple goods are transported by planes.
  6. Why do people in the Apple company believe in the “lucky clothes”?
  7. An Easter Egg in the first iPod: The hidden Breakout game.
  8. What’s the history behind the name “Apple Newton” that one of the first pocket computers by Apple had?
  9. Tell about the first digital camera sold by Apple.
  10. What’s the reason why the Apple goods are so popular all around the world?

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