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Picking Up Research Paper Topics About Cancer Treatment

As you would expect, a research paper is all about the research! So if you have been given this type of essay to write on cancer treatment, whatever subject you select, make sure there are plenty of references from different sources available for you to include in your essay.

You certainly won’t be short of subjects to choose from however; the treatment of cancer is a big subject indeed, but this could easily leave you feeling so overwhelmed at the sheer amount of choice available that you haven’t got a clue where to begin.

So where do I begin?

The easy answer to that is: by finding examples.

Where do I find them?

The first port of call will be the internet. You won’t find as many topic ideas bundled together anywhere else, and it’s the swiftest kind too! There are a plethora of websites who cater for students by listing examples of possible subjects to use for essays. Having said that, don’t just rely on the first list you come to! Standards will differ hugely, so make sure you visit reputable educational websites to be as well informed as possible.

You can also research cancer treatment itself as much as lists of subject ideas. Again, the internet is a great tool to use. The more knowledge you have about cancer treatment, and know which area you are most interested in, the more you won’t need to rely on other people’s ideas. In fact, your specific subject should always be your own!

Where else can I look?

The next obvious place is your campus library. You will be able to find plenty of past student essays to examine, and with cancer treatment being such an important issue, it’s very likely that a lot will have tackled the issue. Be sure to look at the best of examples though- you don’t want to base your ideas on poorly marked essays!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, then just ask your librarian for assistance. They will be only too pleased to help.

Anywhere else?

Medical journals, theses and books will obviously be just as important when deciding upon your subject. You will be able to find these in your campus and public libraries as well as online; or perhaps it may be worth investing in purchasing that one book that you can’t find at the library, but which you know will be invaluable (once you have selected your subject).

Still stuck for ideas?

Then why not just ask your teacher? I’m sure they will be able to help.


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