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Where To Get A Good Introduction Sample For A Term Paper

A strong introduction is important for your term paper to score high, so you probably want to do your best with it. Relevant examples can help you find the way to craft a great introductory section.

  • Your instructor’s archive.
  • Ask your tutor if you may have a look at the term papers he or she has on file. Many instructors do store the papers they receive from students, to use as examples. You might not be allowed to take these samples home, so prepare to take notes. Analyze the introductions to determine what makes them that strong. It is a priceless opportunity to see all term papers that have become your instructor’s favorites in one place, and to learn from them how to “hook” him or her with your opening.

  • Your friends.
  • If you still haven’t made friends with anyone who studies a year ahead of you at the same university, perhaps it is time to do it now. Having a friend in a senior year, you will always be able to ask him or her to let you have a look at their submitted papers. As most students write term papers in word processors, your friend should have a digital copy on the computer. Ideally, this paper has been submitted to the same instructor as yours and got a high mark. Use your friend’s introduction to craft your own. Remember that you should not copy too closely – it might get both of you in a trouble.

  • The Internet.
  • The Web has lots of sample term papers on any subjects. Give preference to resources that have “.edu” or “.org” in their URLs – they are usually the most reliable. Check online databases of term papers. Do not limit your search to free databases only. You may benefit from paid databases that allow to preview the first couple of pages, which usually contain the introduction. Samples in paid online databases are generally of higher quality than those available for free. Remember that you can only use these introductions as examples, not copy them directly.

  • Writing services.
  • If you are determined to get the best introduction sample possible, have it crafted by a reliable writing service. Provide your writer with necessary information, such as your paper topic and any specific requirements to your introduction. You will get an example that is 100% authentic and tailored to your needs. You can simply insert it into your term paper, or submit it separately to your instructor if required.


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