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Selecting a strong research paper topic - a few great hints

If you have been a student for a number of years you will be well aware of the fact that the choice of topic for your research paper is vitally important. Get the right research paper topic and you are well on the way to writing an excellent research paper. But this is a personal matter. A certain research paper topic for one student might be ideal but for another student could be a dead loss. Remember the simple rules.

  • Do you like or rather have a passion for the topic?
  • Do you have any prior knowledge about the subject?
  • Would you like to study this topic further later in your academic career?

If you use the answer to those questions to guide you in selecting a strong research paper topic, you may well be on a winner.

Is there sufficient research material to enable you to create a strong research paper? The topic may sound fantastic and you may be enthusiastic to write the research paper. But unless there is a solid resource of suitable research material which you can easily lay your hands on, then the strength of the research paper topic suddenly becomes much weaker. Check to see you have the right research material.

Has this topic been written about before?

You might think it is a strong research paper topic but if it is extremely popular with other students you run into the possibility that your work will be compared with all the others. To avoid this either choose a less popular research paper topic or, better still, choose an unusual approach or angle to write about this strong research paper topic. Just think of the teacher or professor who has to mark your research paper. If you have a refreshing topic for a refreshing approach to the topic you're already ahead of the rest.

Always consider brainstorming. If you think you have a strong topic, test it through brainstorming. Use a friend or friends. It might be that your strong idea can become considerably stronger thanks to the ideas thrown up via brainstorming.

The Net is a great place to find ideas. But don’t go looking simply to find the perfect strong topic. Go looking for inspiration. A list of topics may suggest the perfect extension which appeals to you. The topics are out there.


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