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How To Find Trustworthy Resources Where You Can Download Free Research Papers

Writing a great research paper often requires you to have a great sample copy from which you can learn about proper formatting, structure, methodology and much more. It’s a little hard, however, to find trustworthy resources at no cost. That’s why we’ve created this list of some places you should consider when looking for a free downloadable research paper you can trust:

Use a Library Research Paper Database

If you are in college or in graduate school you should have access to thousands of free research papers through your library account. If you are unfamiliar with how to locate a great sample, visit the physical library and speak with a reference librarian. He or she will direct your search towards dozens of trustworthy samples you should be able to download on the spot.

Visit an Academic Website

Other great places to look for examples are academic websites. They will likely have fewer choices, but you’ll find sample copies that have been re-printed from journals or have been presented at conferences. Be sure, however, that the sites are updated frequently. You don’t want to download something that is out-of-date or has been replaced by new research in the field.

Visit a Subject Specific Website

There are several organizations that gather content from a number of sources throughout a given field. For instance, if you’re writing a paper on veterinary practices then you should visit a national group specializing in the field for sample content you could use for your own work. If it’s your main area of study then you could get a leg up in the industry by joining the organization.

Seek the Help of a Professional in a Chatroom or Forum

Internet savvy students have discovered the wonders of consulting members in chatrooms or forums for whatever help they need in answering questions, getting leads on a topic, and even getting free examples of completed work. Join a forum or chatroom and put your needs out to the online community. You should be able to find several reliable and willing members who would gladly give you sample works for use.

Go to a Government Run Website

Some disciplines, like Environment Studies for instance, have a government agency devoted to the field that posts recent studies and research on various topics. You should be able to easily find relatable information for your paper, as well as get a glimpse on how to properly organize your work for publication. Unlike several other websites, government sites are updated frequently, so you can be sure that your getting the most current info on a given topic.


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