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The world of biology is vast and to this day most of it still remains to be categorized. What we do know can be divided into various groups based on their characteristics and behavior, as well as their effect on other biological life.

  1. What determines whether an organism is the same species as similar ones like it or a different species, for example, birds share similar characteristics with bats, but they are not the same species.
  2. How do different species develop into the forms we have today? How are we able to determine if the two species came from the same ancestor or gained the same traits through different events?
  3. How do different species of life affect each other and the survival of all species in nature?
  4. Single cell life functions are very simple compared to multi-cellular life. Describe the life and reproduction cycle of an amoeba. How is this system beneficial to the survival of other amoebas?
  5. Multi-cellular life is theorized to have developed when one single cell organism ingested another and formed a beneficial relationship. How is this different or similar to common multi-cellular life existing today?
  6. In Macroscopic organisms, the cells are arranged into organs that handle single functions necessary for life. How is this system better or worse than the process by which single cell life like amoeba go about its metabolic and reproductive cycles?.
  7. Life takes many forms and usually, unless it is capable of photosynthesis and rare cases of Geo-thermally sustained life, depends on another form of life for nutrients. Describe the relationship between different organisms within the food chain that humans are a part of.
  8. Sometimes one organism will depend entirely on another for its survival, while the host organism gains nothing from the relationship and often becomes injured. Provide examples of this type of relationship and describe the factors that determine that the relationship is actually parasitic.
  9. Some organisms gain all of their nutrients from dead plant and animal matter. Describe the role these organisms play in the cycle of life.
  10. The circulatory system comprises of many parts. Describe each part and how it functions to facilitate life in a large mammal.
  11. Most Large organisms have a form of bone or protective structure. Discuss the main types of bone formations among various species and show how each species uses its bone structure compared to the others.
  12. Discuss possible reasons for the existence of similar skeletal structures between different species of animals, for example, the bone structure of the fore limb is similar among large mammals.

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