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A Free Research Paper Generator: Where to Find One?

Research takes time and good research almost always takes longer. This is one of the unwritten rules of academic study. This may be a bit off-putting for students in search of a shortcut but it’s better to accept that truth early on than to chase something that does not exist. That being said, there are sites that promise free research paper generation and they can be found in the following ways:

By asking people you know

Anyone who has ever tried one of these programs can point you in the direction of one that might be helpful to you. Ask fellow students or anyone you suspect may have once needed a paper that they could not write on their own in time.

By doing a good old fashioned web search

Search engines are worth their figurative weight in gold. You can simply enter the search “free research paper generator” and receive millions of responses in a fraction of a second. The majority of these, if not all, will not be useful to you and some will even state so outright.

By asking total strangers

If you want information from people rather than search algorithms and you don’t know anyone personally who can assist you, try asking strangers. Forums that deal with academic pursuits will undoubtedly contain at least one person who has used this type of service in the past and can send you a link.

  • Having explained how you can access this service here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t:
  • The language is likely to be so poor that you’ll need to devote hours to making it sound like English
  • The content is not guaranteed to be factual or even obey the basic rules of common sense
  • You would be cheating yourself out of the experience of conducting and perfecting your own research

Instead of using a free research generator, you can consider looking for research paper databases that contain sample papers. These will help you to structure your own work in the manner that your professor expects. You can even look at the sample papers available for free viewing on an academic writing site. In general, the only reason you should use a research generator is when you want entertainment or perhaps when you need a few ideas for your actual paper and don’t need them to be particularly well organized.


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