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Looking For Good Samples Of Term Papers In English

A really good place to start your search is by asking your tutor if they have any samples of term papers. They may have already given the class some examples but they may have a few more that may help you. Ideally you need samples that illustrate a good essay, a poor essay and an outstanding essay. If you are able to see examples of each of these levels that will give you a good idea of what you should be aiming for.

When you are reading through the examples think like a teacher and try to assess the papers to see if you can assess why one is better or poorer than another. Look at the grammar, punctuation and general structure, do the ideas flow in a logical progression? Is it easy to follow the ideas and are they all well supported by evidence that is both current and viable.

Still looking for more samples? Then go to your school or college library where the Librarian may be able to direct you to individual pieces of work or collections. You may also check out any resources and additional support by visiting the Learning Support Team, they may be able to provide you with a template that you can apply to your own work.

Using an academic search engine check out some websites that offer writing support services. You should be able to find sites that specialize not just in English but also in the level of work that you are targeting and the curriculum that you are following. You need to make sure that any templates that you are accessing have been written by writers whose first language is exactly the same as yours otherwise there may be some differences in sentence construction,

Many of these web sites may give free samples of that will be of use to you. Be aware though that you may be asked to sign up to the web site, it will just mean than you need to give your email address and make up a password, but if they ask for your card and or bank details then move on to the next website that you have on your list.

If the samples are annotated this is really good as you will be able to see for yourself why they are regarded as good or outstanding. Another really good way of finding suitable templates is to look for video tutorials that have been posted by tutors. They will not only talk you through the process of writing your paper they will also give advice that you can revisit just by replaying the video.


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