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Where Can I Find A Good Topic For A Term Paper In English?

One of the most common assignments that you may have to do for English class is to write a term paper. The main focus of a term paper is to write an extensive paper on a topic. You would want to choose a good topic so that you can ensure that it turns out successfully.

There are a few different places that you can find some topic ideas for your paper. Since finding a topic is one of the most important parts of getting your paper started, you will see that it is important to know where to get a few ideas to either write about or to help you brainstorm.


You can find a lot of good ideas in your literature textbook. You can write about an author or a piece of work. If your teacher says that you can write your topic on any topic of your choice, you can always look at your other topics to see if there are some good topics to write about. For example, check the table of contents of your science textbook and choose one of those topics to write about.


You will also be able to find some really great lists of topic ideas on the internet. You will find many of them and they can be used for brainstorming some good topics. Remember that if you choose one from these sites, someone else could be writing about the same topic so you may want to change it a little to preserve your originality.

Magazines or News print

You can use a current event as a topic. There may not be too much supporting evidence to use if you choose one that is very new but you may be able to still use the topic because there is usually some sort of study that could support your claims.

Finding just the right topic is very important. You don’t want one that is too broad because you need to make a specific claim and prove it. You don’t want it to be too specific either because it would make it really hard to write an extensive paper on it. If your paper is too specific, you won’t be able to find enough information to support your claims and that will make it really hard to write about.


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