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Top 10 Zoology Term Paper Ideas For Creative Writing

Do you need to write a zoology term paper, but are struggling to come up with the right idea? Then here are 10 you can use, or at the very least get some inspiration from:

  1. Disease Transmission And Epidemiology – this is the study of diseases and how it affects the population sizes of various species. You’ll have to write about subjects such as how a disease has led to the decline of a particular species.
  2. Ecology And Evolutionary Zoology – this is the study of how animals interact with the environment. Focus should be made on how animals shape the environment, and use it to cultivate their own advantages.
  3. Animal Behavior And Neurobiology – this topic as the name suggests is a study on how animals behave, and why they act the way they do. There is a lot of research left to do in this area, but as time goes on more and more information is uncovered.
  4. Cellular Mechanism: how animals work at the cellular level is just as fascinating as it is in humans. This subject area is so diverse because it has links to many different branches. For example, the study of genes or how pollution is impacting animal populations.
  5. Migration Patterns – you can write a paper on how animals migrate, and why they migrate to the areas that they end up in.
  6. Hunting Of Animals - a topic can be written on how hunting impacts population numbers, and the morals behind hunting certain types of animals.
  7. Urban Wildlife – animals nowadays are being forced to live in urban environment. Some are able to adapt while others struggle. A paper on how animals survive in urban environments would be an interesting topic.
  8. Exotic Animals – you could write a paper on the more exotic animals that the average person in the street doesn’t know about. There are more than enough animals out there to amaze people if they were only made aware of their existence.
  9. Life At The Zoo - a paper on how animals are kept at the zoo is something people can relate to because it’s where people go to see animals in the flesh.
  10. Unusual Behaviors – animals behave in ways that seem counterintuitive at times, but when the whole story is told it does make sense no matter how bizarre. A term paper on the strange behaviors of animals would make for an interesting read.

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