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How To Write A Top-Quality Research Paper About The X-Ray Machine

The writer has to follow logical steps when a top quality research paper on X-ray needs to be written. A research paper requires writer to go through a series of questions like

  1. How an X-ray machine works?
  2. What are its uses?
  3. How modern X-ray machines have superseded the functioning of old X-ray machines?
  4. Throw light on basic terms like cathode, computerized Tomography, electrode, Barrium Platinocyanide, etc.

Check out the step by step writing guide to write a top quality research paper on X-ray machines

  1. Pick a current topic on X-ray machine: It can be- ‘How modern X-ray machines have brought a revolution in the field of science’? A challenging topic bears a wide scope for research. Ensure that the topic is an interesting one and reveals your efforts and enthusiasm to the reader. Always narrow down your approach. Select a subject that is neither too easy nor too tricky. Technical subjects need lot of specialization and for that you have to be highly learned? Furthermore, never choose such topics that lack sufficient source materials for reference.
  2. Collect information through a variety of resources: Surf net as it holds vast scope of information. Check useful URL’s, almanacs, encyclopedias, Britannica, search engines, library books, journals, etc. Use .edu, org or .gov websites as they are known for reliability. websites or new extensions are not registered and offer fake information. Have a look at the government documents, reports, guides, magazines, articles published in newspaper, online international public library etc.
  3. Write down your thesis statement: Declare your belief in one sentence.
  4. Draw a tentative outline: Write down the chief points in capital Roman numeral. Points should follow a coherent and logical flow. Your outline must go through an introductory part, an organized body and a concluding statement.
  5. Organize the content: Use best possible resources and verify their factual information. Refer new and updated version of books. Ensure that you do not include information that is old and irrelevant. Analyze them critically and communicate your ideas, insights and findings by supporting evidences.
  6. First draft: Read and summarize all your quotes directly and paraphrase. Use quotations on note cards and create meaningful file names. If you want to check back for edits, mark symbol of hash. Delete them later on.
  7. Revise: Double check all the information about X-ray machine like its emergence, availability for public, the year of discovery and person who discovered. Check spellings for all the scientific terms used and proofread the content for grammar.
  8. Get your final paper typed: Use a high quality printer for printing. Read it once again to evaluate your own mistakes.

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