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20 Up-To-Date Research Paper Topics On Advertising For Students

Advertising plays as important a role in the consumer industry as providing good quality products does. Many people are unable to settle on an opinion regarding this matter since it does seem like one of the most important factors driving a person decision to buy a products lies with the advertisements behind any particular item. When selecting a research paper topic, you must ensure two thing, firstly, do you have enough information available on your desired topic? Secondly, do you enjoy working with this particular topic? Consider the following list of ideas to help you select a good research paper topic on advertising:

  1. How much should companies be allowed to deceive their consumers?
  2. How is advertising in 2016 different from what it was before the creation of television?
  3. Are the laws governing advertising always followed by advertisers?
  4. Should commercials concerning adult consumer products have ratings like movies and television shows do?
  5. What can be done about ads that offend small groups of people?
  6. Does the cost of advertising reflect the returns?
  7. What are the negative effects of false advertising on the entire industry?
  8. Are minority groups in ads as a result of being qualified or is this a marketing strategy?
  9. How effective is internet marketing compared to more commonly used forms of promotional media?
  10. Should there be a ban on advertising tobacco and other products that can be potentially hazardous to health?
  11. How effective are advertisement campaigns that make use of attractive models compared to those that use everyday, average persons?
  12. Is it better for companies if they show how their products are better than other brands or does avoiding this practice work better?
  13. There are some companies that do not actively advertise yet they are quite successful getting their products sold, how do these companies do this?
  14. What is the difference between an infomercial and a commercial? Why is this important?
  15. How much does the use of a celebrity to endorse a product affect the consumer’s decision to purchase that product?
  16. How fair are methods of subliminal persuasion to consumers that fall prey to these tactics? Is this currently practiced in advertising today?
  17. What are the main issues concerning gender affairs that arise out of current trends in advertising?
  18. Have companies adapted to advertising on the internet yet or can we expect many changes in the future?
  19. What is the most effective type of advertisement?
  20. How do companies target specific groups of consumers?

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