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A List Of Good Term Paper Topics On Child Abuse

Writing a term paper about child abuse can be a hard task for a lot of people because it is a touchy subject. However, you can also learn about the subject so that you may be able to see the signs if something is happening to someone that you love or know. When you are writing any paper, choosing a topic is one of the hardest parts. Especially when you are writing a term paper. You have to be able to find a topic that is vast enough to handle the likely required amount of resources that you will be asked to use and also the word count or page count. You have to have enough information to be able to handle the requirements of the assignment.

When you are choosing a topic, you also want to choose something that interests you. That way you will not be torturing yourself throughout the entire term. When you can find a topic that you like, it is also easier to articulate your ideas which makes the writing part of this assignment a lot easier. Here is a list of some good topics that you can write your paper on.

  1. What are the signs?
  2. What effects does it have on the children?
  3. Does abuse come in many forms?
  4. How can it be prevented?
  5. What are the consequences?
  6. How can you protect the ones that you love?
  7. When does punishment become abuse?
  8. What laws protect children from abuse?
  9. Case studies of individuals convicted of the crime
  10. How does it vary in different cultures or countries?
  11. Is it a problem that is getting worse or better?
  12. How do you break the cycle?
  13. Does counseling work?
  14. What does a child advocate do?
  15. Create a plan on what you would do if you suspected that someone was being abused

You have many different angles that you can take for this project. You should consider choosing a topic and then conducting some research to make sure that you will have enough information to meet your teacher’s guidelines. It may also be helpful to read through a few sample essays. They will give you a good perspective and also allow you to understand the best ways to set the paper up and format the paper.


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