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Writing An Abstract For A Research Paper: Vital Things To Remember

An abstract is an important section of your research papers because it provides an extract of the overall paper. Consider this as a mini version of your paper that a reader can finish in a few minutes. Ideally, your abstract needs to be precise and brief and approximately a few sentences long. Authors and students usually confuse this with an introduction. The major difference between an abstract and introduction is that the introduction only presents your topic and does not give any results. Your abstract shows the significance of your research and the conclusion of your paper as well. To help students write a successful abstract, this article talks about each sentence and its purpose in the abstract of the paper.

  1. The first sentence
  2. It is the opening of your abstract and it should clearly present your topic. You need to keep your target audience in mind and write in a way that is easy to understand for them. A research paper audience will be your peers in the same field or your professors. You need to write the topic in a precise and clear manner for them to understand

  3. The second sentence
  4. The second sentence is your key research prompt. Remember that the first sentence introduces your topic and the second sentence shows the basic question you will address in the paper. Keep working on this sentence unless you have a precise and brief question that describes the entire research

  5. The third sentence
  6. This sentence aims to highlight the gap in other published materials more like a literature review. You need to explain in one sentence why other authors missed this certain aspect of the subject. You need to highlight the weaknesses in other relevant researches and show why yours is better

  7. The fourth sentence
  8. By now, you explained your topic, described your main question and showed why other researchers missed this area. In the fourth sentence, you should be able to explain your innovation and originality of the work. You need to explain how you tackle the issue in a precise manner

  9. The fifth sentence
  10. It is the longest sentence in your abstract because it talks about different research methods and ideas that gave you the required results. Remember that each sentence in your paper needs to be short enough so that you can read it aloud without taking a breath. Avoid unnecessary details to meet the purpose

  11. The sixth and final sentence
  12. In the last sentence, you need to show why your research or results are important for others. Think from the perspective of your target audience and explain what is in it for them.


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