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Step-By-Step Guide To Writing A Research Paper Introduction

The research paper plays a vital role in the academic world and our lives as we know it can be changed by the drop of a single paper, at any point in time. Such is the power of research and many academics dedicate their lives to the pursuit of a single answer. Through this activity, our world has benefited as much as it might have suffered, however, the pursuit of knowledge shall never cease.

Research papers can be written for just about every field of study and there are several ways to compose them. Most universities have their preferred styles and they each contribute different aspects to a paper. Depending on your chosen format, the sections of your paper can vary greatly from another. The following, simple guide will provide you with everything you need to compose a research paper introduction.

  1. Topic selection
  2. Your choice of topic is quite impacting on your ability to complete your paper effectively and you should consider this very seriously before you proceed. It may seem like a small matter, but a bad topic choice can ruin your chances of completing your paper so significantly, that you may not be able to recover. Chose a topic that you are likely to enjoy working with, as well as one that you can succeed at.

  3. Hypothesis
  4. This statement can be thought of as the bar that is set that will decide whether or not your ideas about a particular subject are true. With this statement, you are able to devise courses of investigation and experimentation, that will lead to data supporting your disproving your statement.

  5. Methods
  6. Most papers also contain a small outline of the methods that will be used to conduct the investigations. This gives readers the chance to scrutinize your methods, allowing them to decide whether or not they consider the quality of your work to be satisfactory.

  7. Intentions
  8. Most authors have a goal that they wish to accomplish at the end of the their paper and it is quite important that readers are aware of this. Not only does it put everything in perspective, it also gives them the opportunity to be part of the study.

  9. Interesting aspect of study
  10. Finally, most introductions contain information about certain interesting aspects of the paper and this is very helpful in getting uninterested persons to read the entire paper. Don’t be too detailed, just mention the interesting points, stating that they will be discussed further on.


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