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The Top 10 Best Research Paper Topics Worth Writing About

What makes a subject worth writing about? Is it what the writer feels is important? Do the media have influence on what is considered worthy? Whatever the case, here are the 10 most worthy topics that should be written about. These subjects must carry some type of importance to the masses. Keeping the audience’s attention is a must to have them read and remember the contents. They must be informative and contain things that the readers may have not known. Keep these things in mind as you read the list.

  1. Terrorism – Find any subject that falls under the broad range of people, places, and things that have been touched or involved with this terrible act. Remind the reader that these unspeakable events are done by both foreign and domestic perpetrators.
  2. Religion – The many different beliefs and dreams of how the world should look, live and pray through the eyes of their churches practices.
  3. Government – Since the beginning of government, people have seen the direction most of the civil servants have led them. We have been watching these individuals abuse their power for their own success.
  4. Global warming – When will this affect the world to the point of concern? Are we as a whole doing anything worth praising to see a change for the good? Should there be as much importance put on it as any other threat to mother earth?
  5. Minimum wage – Why is so hard to allow the blue collared workers to make at least the amount of income to support their families?
  6. What are the positives of our Nation working for wages that cover the basic style of living?
  7. Crime – What are some effective steps that can be taken to lower the percentage of the many different levels of crime?
  8. Medical insurance – Why is there not national coverage for all? Does Canada know something we do not know or understand? How many lives could have been saved with the ability for treatment no matter the seriousness?
  9. Gun control – Is this giving the criminal more of an advantage in every aspect of the matter?
  10. Cost of Education - Is the cost going up while the quality is decreasing? Are teacher’s being paid enough for the priceless job they are doing?
  11. War – Why do we fight wars? Is it for our freedom? Should we look at the destruction it causes from both sides of the act? Does the act of war make the richer more rich?

Research papers can be tedious and time consuming but if you take the attitude that you really are covering something worthwhile that could possibly lead to some real good in the world. Try this company and begin changing your little corner of the world.


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